closer to genetically modified humans

5.10: news.pol/healthcare/gmo/closer to genetically modified humans:
. germline editing is the only solution for
getting rid of inherited diseases
without a eugenics mandate .
. we are getting closer to such technology,
but scientists worry about public opinion
claiming only the god should create new life .
. news of human germline editing by China
prompted scientists to publish recommendations.
the religious group, reporting in Nature,
called for scientists to “agree not to
modify the DNA in human reproductive cells,”
including the nonviable zygotes
used in the Chinese study:
"In our view, genome editing in human embryos
using current technologies
could have unpredictable effects on future generations.
This makes it dangerous and ethically unacceptable.
Such research could be exploited for
non-therapeutic modifications.
We are concerned that a public outcry
about such an ethical breach
could hinder a promising area of therapeutic development,
namely making genetic changes that cannot be inherited."
"Although the United States has not officially
prohibited germline modification,
the US National Institutes of Health’s
Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee
explicitly states that it “will not at present
entertain proposals for germ line alterations”
(see go.nature.com/mgscb2)."
. the liberal group, writing in Science magazine,
said that "while CRISPR technology is
still too primitive for safe use in patients,
further research is needed to improve it"