anti-semitism from Islamic panic #wwIII

2.15: co.fb/pol/purges/wwIII/anti-semitism from Islamic panic:
. much of anti-semitism is really anti-zionism,
and the realization that WWIII is inevitable .
Jewish guy is saved only by denying he's Israeli:
. compared to France, Spain, Sweden, and Eastern Europe,
anti-Jewish sentiment was virtually unknown in Denmark;
but now the demographics has changed;
and, many of the European Muslims are "Islamists":
who are not interested in differentiating between
Israelis or Zionists, and native Jews.
. why the increase in anti-semitism?
it is increasingly obvious
that the creation of Israel
was a military operation against Islam .
Zionism means a state for the Jewish people,
in a land once occupied by an Islamic state .
. the "terrorists" and "anti-semites"
are anti-zionists and anti-crusaders
and if some Judaists are claiming no allegiance to Israel
other Judaists are retorting they should be;
and the Islamists notice that .
. if we are to protect Israel
we will need to finish off WWIII
by installing a pervasive global surveillance
that puts a tight control on military weapons
by a single unified global government .
. the Islamists sense this approaching,
and they are beginning to panic .