usa has perfected what aliens gave to nazis?

news.pol/purges/wwIII/usa has perfected what aliens gave to nazis?:
. what we saw on 9/11 was galaxy-class tech
that could of come from aliens or superhumans
although Tesla was quite bright,
and likely didn't need their help
or perhaps he was one of them ?
Iran's english channel FARS`Snowden leaks:
wired from Whatdoesitmean.com:
. an “alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda”
is driving USA domestic and international policy,
and has been doing so since at least 1945 .
[ hahaha:
. what if nsa wanted Snowden to leak that
because they felt as if
the rising Democrats were so alien
the public needed to hear
that usa policy is dictated by "aliens"?
. the only problem is,
it's too believable to be a parody:
. obviously, nsa leaks the truth too;
and, one likely truth is that
our elites are in bed with superhumans
who are so intelligent and powerful,
they are naturally influential too .
. in order to accommodate all our "elites",
you need to know who they are,
and what sort of needs and powers they have  .]
. the “Tall Whites” are the same extraterrestrials
[or in any case, superhuman] race
behind the stunning rise of
Nazi Germany during the 1930’s.
[ . WWII's Nazi's were too slow at
applying the superhuman or Tesla technology,
and also overextended their conventional forces:
they were an example of it not helping
to have cooperation with superhumans,
so Russians waiting for wwIII to happen
should not be concerned by reports that
usa is bed with some of the superhumans:
nazis were were in that bed too,
and look how they turned out  ...]
. the agenda of the [superhumans] who are
ruling the “secret regime” of the usa
calls for the creation of a
global electronic surveillance system
[with an ] end plan for
total assimilation and world rule.
--[ . what do superhumans have to do with
the illuminati plot to use the 3 world wars
to implement a global government?
. superhumans need world rule
for the same reason humans do:
all would be affected when lone humans
start creating and using beam weapons
and free energy or gravity wave devices .
. this hidden technology gives massive power
to lone wolves, and all sorts of terrorists:
anti-zionists, anti-fed's, racists, fascists, etc .

. leaks like this might be preparing us for
seeing the use of beam weapons during wwIII
without having to explain them .
" oh that? those are from aliens;
we don't share much with the aliens ".