prochoice for medicaid recipients

30: co.fb/pol/healthcare/prochoice for medicaid recipients:
amen! who wants to be born by
someone who felt they couldn't afford you?
I'm hitching a ride with the next mom!
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Every year, politicians in Congress
use our nation's budget process
to deny coverage of abortion for those who
get their insurance or health care
through the federal government.
Some people in Washington
don't want abortion to be legal at all,
so they promote insurance coverage bans
to push it out of reach for many.
In fact, denying Medicaid coverage of abortion
forces one in four poor women
to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.
For a woman to be able to make a real decision
based on what's best for her and her family,
she needs to be able to afford it.
And when people can plan if and when to have children,
it's good for them and for society as a whole.
However we feel about abortion,
politicians shouldn't deny a woman's health coverage
just because she's poor.
Join us! Tell Congress to stop interfering with
personal health care decisions
and lift the restrictions on abortion coverage.