nuclear fallout is survivable

30: news.health/nuclear fallout is survivable:
. in the 2014-2016 wwIII climax
we might not see any nuclear weapons
because Russia and usa have beam weapons;
however, if China gets involved,
and if China doesn't yet have beam weapons,
that nation may resort to nuclear weapons
in order to defend itself against attacks .
. if you survive a nuclear attack
you may want to stay in your house
to avoid fallout .
. you will want a good supply of
food and water in your house,
because much of what is available later
will be contaminated with radiation .
. if you are trapped in a house
rather than underground, you will need
supplements to neutralize radiation .

here's how to survive nuclear dusting:
The best shelter is belowground
— Hiding in the basement of a
large apartment or office building
can bring radiation levels down to
one two-hundredth of the outdoor dose,
a protection factor of 200.
Being inside a one-story wooden house,
may only cut your exposure in half .
[. how long to stay indoors? ]
Seven hours after a blast,
 you’ll be getting one-tenth the dose
 received in the first hour.
Jan Steinman:
It's vital to understand the difference
between nuclear radiation
and nuclear contamination.
A burst of radiation accompanies the initial blast,
but the radiation load from fallout
is completely determined by weather.
So it is important to understand
the prevailing winds and weather patterns
when considering whether to leave a house
for staying in a good underground shelter .
A much bigger concern is nuclear
contamination. If you choose to
leave a poor shelter for a better one,
and your clothes or lungs get
"dusted" with fallout during your trip,
you were probably better off in the poor shelter.
[ you may need your clothing for warmth;
you may also need water to wash off the fallout
but you may find the water doesn't work
because the water pumps don't have electricity;
so, you need to rinse off the fallout
with water you stored for emergencies .]
The sort of radiation
is also important to understand.
Even in a poor shelter, most of the
beta radiation will be blocked
by even a residential composition roof.
True, gamma radiation will be stopped
only by concrete not housing roof;
but gamma is generally much less damaging
than beta radiation.
Again, if you are in a poor shelter
that protects you from beta radiation,
you may be better off than
travelling unprotected to a better shelter,
which could even expose you to alpha radiation,
the most damaging but the easiest to shield against.
Sooner or later, you'll need to drink water
and eat food if you've lived that long.
Understanding nuclear contamination
is especially crucial at this point,
because many of the common fission products
(iodine, caesium, strontium)
incorporate themselves into human tissue,
and will continuously irradiate nearby tissue,
damaging DNA and causing cancer.