trike trainer

. at one point of gear shifting, the chain will drag on the trainer;
but that is just one gearing combination to avoid
when there are plenty of others nearby to choose from .
[7.1: later I would find I was using 20" tires on their 26" configuration ]
. the trainer should be geared high,
but also not using highest rear gears
since those will wear out easily:
the front is at largest ring, and the rear has a mid-sized ring .

6.26: trike`trainer/set for 20" tires:
. it has 2 settings for {20", 26"} tires ?
checking the current setting, I see it needs to be changed .
. it still lets you cycle with the front brakes off,
and now it might also let you cycle without the problem of
some gearing combinations causing the chain to drag on the front roller !

computer stand:
. sizing trike for table`size needs .
. trike faring won't fit under kitchen table?
after the trike`shell is built,
it may give a place to lay a board across .

6.30: reversed for fan under seat:
. if the trike`trainer is oriented so that the fan is right under the driver,
then chain will be dragging in the fan;
fortunately, the design allows for the position of the fan to be reversed !
. not only does the fan provide more cooling in this location,
but when the trike and trainer are in a cramped location,
they take up less space this way .

6.30: proj.apt`sanctum/replace easychair with trike-trainer:
. removed the south wall of the sanctum
(just a separate piece of taped-on plastic)
to temporarily pull out the table to get the chair out .
. measurements show the trike can roll under table as is,
though had to be tilted a bit for trike`rack,
and might need to be raised later to fit the trike shell .
. getting the trike in there was made easier by
clearing the way from the kitchen to the living room,
so that the trike could be rolled in normally .
. this entailed moving the kitchen table and the fridge out of the way .
. the easychair now faces the east window, sitting beside the sanctum .
. it's facing away from the couch, but there is room for 2 other chairs
that do face the couch, serving a group of 5 .

kybd holder:
. while the table must be tall eno' to allow the trike to roll under it,
this makes the keyboard too high .
. one way to bring the keyboard closer to lap
is to attach al'beams to the platform it's on,
and these would provide a tooth to grip
matching al'beam under the table,
that are hanging from strings .
. this is still a good setup for reading while cycling,
and then breaking from cycle during much keyboard use .

8.20: proj.gear/try head phones replacing buds:
. less helpful with masking trainer noise .

11.1: mis.trike/noisy trainer:
. no plugs for sore ears;
how much of tire squeel is fan transmission? 0 .

11.6: proj.trike/maint/BB[bottom bracket] noises:
. making noises that match front pedal cycle;
might be the front derailleur rubbing against the chain guard;
adjusting that may have helped,
but another knocking sound may be just one the BB (bottom bracket) again
known to be easily loosened with time,
but now not hand-loose at this time .