picasa on mac

6.23: proj.addn/mac.picassa/motivation:
. look into picassa to make it easier to upload photo's
so that it might be easier to link to them from the blog .

6.24: proj.addn/mac.picassa/install:
. in tools/folder mgt,
I was able to undo all the default scan.ables,
and have it scan repeatedly my log .

6.24 sci.addn/{net,mac}.picasa:
. try sharing picasa:
that seems to mean sending an email to something?
. try synching picasa:
that has both uploading and always uploading updates .
. it's showing them by folder, and offering to sync a folder .
. it lets you put a watermark in,
so I tried putting my email address in each;
it's in the lower-right corner .
. I don't see any mention of them recording the name I used for each picture;
then they asked me to [add a description] !