6.27: proj.addn/net.classmates.com/update profile:
. I'm at linkedin as philiptorrance
at facebook (search philip torrance tucson)
at twitter as addn .
. I have my Americium Dream Documents project blog
at amerdreamdocs blogspot
and blog other things at
amerdreamduh blogspot .

mis.addn/net.classmates.com/no identifying overseas schools:
. adding other classes,
there is only one school listable for peshawar
PAKISTAN > PESHAWAR / SCHOOL / Beacon House Public School
Beacon House Public School 68-69
. and, unlike state-side locations,
there is no identifying overseas schools:
Classmates.com's current directory includes
only schools located in the United States and Canada
and American or Canadian schools located overseas.
We do not currently support the addition of other schools.
) .

6.27: mis.addn/net.classmates.com/tricky with fees:
UNREAD NOTE from Gold member Vicki Powers Jul 22 2008
Note from Vicki
Hey Phil, remember me from Norbeck ....
. after seeing this, it let me write a note to her,
and then told me it was in limbo until I paid her;
fort'ly I save my own stuff,
and wrote her the same msg in my public wall: [...]

6.28: proj.addn/net.classmates.com/update mistaken LTI dates:
. notice lti ref is to baltimore? explore how to change:
what others exist already? closest is dc,
but it lists the address as being in dc (not capitol heights, md),
and there are few members anyway, and the current LTI is not in dc or baltimore,
the closest being columbia md, about 5m south of ellicot city
(about 10m 8o'clock from baltimore);
so, create my own college that locates my school properly,
and include in the name its refering to itself as a dc branch;
also include my class's program;
finally adjust dates of surrounding odd-job entries
to match the updated date of for LTI attendance:
# Americium Dream Duh 81-84
# Lincoln Technical Institute (Wash D.C) HVAC 80-81
Class of 1981
# Americium Dream Duh 79-80