beware sciencelab.com backorders



. is mywot.com alerting about sci'lab yet? no;
. mywot says some links are coming from delicious.com?
make sure delicious has same warning added for mywot.com:
. they can give good service,
but if they tell you some items are on backorder,
that's their way of hinting that you ordered illegally,
and you then have 3 days to decline the order
after which time you legally agree that they can
take as long as they want -- forever !
-- they are not a member of their local bbb
exactly for this tactic .
. compare with spectrumchemical.com first;
if they say you'll need to call rather than order online,
that's an item that will cause sciencelab.com to pull a "backorder" on you .
proj.gov/sciencelab.com/web presence/
. other reports:
. found 2 complaints ripoffreport.com:
. there is also a place to find legal help:

co.apt/pol/drug war/sci'lab:
. thinking aloud how I got confused by changing laws
into getting trapped by sci'lab:
. when I was able to buy script-only hormones from chem'supply,
I assumed that if the script wasn't a controlled substance,
then suppliers could give it to you
-- any with a credit card -- likely not any children,
but then getting hassled by sci'lab,
and double-checking with spectrumchem'
I noticed that the scripts I could get
were simply ones under that new law
that said we could have our own hormones .
. reviewed history and reasons for drug war:
. it was a sad day when war against alcohol was lost;
I'm sure that has fueled effort to
not lose ground on other drug prohibitions .
. alcohol was difficult to stop esp'ly
because every private house can produce it
(with no visible connections but food and water);
anti-alcohol was also an obvious minority inflicting its will on the majority,
similar to when today's elite
has shipped most of our jobs overseas .