iodine for apoptosis against #cancer

1.24: web.health/cancer/iodine for apoptosis against #cancer:
. iodine may be of use against cancer,
but some say the needed doses
are far beyond what experts consider safe
(National Academy of Sciences).
. iodine has the same political problem as selenium:
when there are claims that it can prevent cancer
the very legitimate concern is that
people are being fed ideas that are not proven
because the proven cancer cures are so feared .
. anyone claiming a use for high-dose iodine
is creating a path for it in cancer treatment too .
. while many may thrive on high-dose iodine
(including a majority of Japanese
who get high-dose iodine from seaweed),
some trying high-dose iodine
have warned of damage to the thyroid
some say the damage came from an autoimmune reaction;
so, as with all things affecting hormones,
start low and go slow;
but also don't forget to get your
thyroid-soothing selenium,
(also another source of cancer prevention).
. the main cause of autoimmune disorders
may be leaky gut syndrome or GAPS
(Gut and Psychology Syndrome),
in which case the GAPS diet may help with
healing gut dysbiosis, curing autoimmune disorders,
and thereby increasing your tolerance for
possibly cancer-preventing doses of iodine .

Dr.Mercola warning:
Your thyroid reduces iodide (I-) into iodine (I2)
then it has to split the I2 into two I- ions,
which causes oxidative stress.
. taking too much iodine may lead to
subclinical hypothyroidism .
[ high levels of TSH without low T4/T3 ]

Rachel 2013` warning:
At the very least, you should get tested for
the TSBAb via the TBII test.
(thyrotropin binding inhibiting immunoglobulin)
If you are positive,
don’t take the iodine/iodide:
I have lost my thyroid gland
because of taking 12.5 mg/day of iodine/iodide.
I tested negative to all the usual antibodies
i.e., TPO, TgAb, etc.
Little did I and my doctor know
that I was hypothyroid due to
the TSH Receptor antibodies (TRAb).
. within a month on Iodoral  [high-dose iodine/iodide]
my FT4 and FT3 starting climbing and kept on climbing.
When I saw an endocrinologist,
I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease.
The TSH Receptor Antibodies (TRAb)
can be either BLOCKING (TSBAb)
causing hypothyroidism
causing hyperthyroidism (Graves’ disease)
and it can switch between the two."

Abraham & Brownstein defend Iodoral:
"The clinical experience with orthoiodosupplementation
in approximately 4,000 patients
at the Center for Holistic Medicine
has clearly shown that orthoiodosupplementation
at daily dose of 6.25 to 50mg elemental iodine
has not been associated with increases in
hypothyroidism, goiter and autoimmune thyroid problems.
On the contrary, the use of iodine/iodide
has been effective at treating the above conditions
awith minimal adverse effects
when preceded by magnesium supplementation."

Abraham & Brownstein vs Graves disease:
Dr. Gaby writes, 
"The relative absence of side effects
may be due to the use of iodine as part of a
comprehensive nutritional program."
He is correct. With orthoiodosupplementation
the best results do occur when used as part of
a comprehensive nutritional program,
as do all holistic therapies.
We favor a magnesium-emphasized
total nutritional approach:
treatment for Graves' disease would consist of
1,200 mg of magnesium per day for one month
prior to iodine supplementation,
then addition of Iodoral [Abraham].

perhaps Rachel needed selenium?

Selenium (Se) is required for
thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism.
Se reduces serum thyroid-specific antibody titers
in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis
[Endocr J. 2010].

. excess iodine can indeed cause
autoimmune thyroiditis
but only if selenium is deficient .
. in a mouse study high iodine was used for
inducing autoimmune thyroiditis
and then when they were given selenium too
the high iodine no longer sickened them .
. thyroid peroxidase antibody levels were
inversely associated with selenium levels.
. a good dose of selenium was 0.2-0.4 mg per day .
[MRIwakura 2011]

. if diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis
a good doctor will start you on
selenium and a low dose of iodide
then increase the iodide dose slowly:
Sudden increases in iodine can induce
a reactive hypothyroidism.
. do not take any kelp or other seaweeds
because of potential thyrotoxic contaminants:
although seaweed is a rich source of iodine
it is also high in bromines,
and may also have some arsenic, mercury,
and radioactive iodine
all of which can interfere with thyroid function.
[MRIwakura 2011]

"Physicians that specialize in
treating hypothyroidism with iodine
(such as Dr. Abraham and Dr. Brownstein)
suggest doses as high as 50 mg per day
may be necessary to restore iodine levels
in those that are deficient.
I have used doses this high in my practice,
but it’s imperative that patients
build up to such high doses very slowly,
under the supervision of a clinician
experienced with iodine treatment.
. "it’s crucial that you also take
200 mcg of selenium per day
to protect against adverse effects
of iodine supplementation,
especially if you have autoimmune thyroid disease".
. "iodine may only pose a problem for people with
Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune thyroid diseases
in the presence of concurrent selenium deficiency"
[Chris Kresser].

reasons to get more iodine:

iodine deficiency from Bromine exposure: 
"bromine is found in baked goods, plastics,
soft drinks, medications, pesticides and more;
and, it displaces iodine leading to deficiency .
. there is an increased risk for cancer of
the breast, thyroid gland, ovary and prostate
-- cancers that we see at alarmingly high rates today"
[Dr.Mercola 2013]
. FDA discourages baking with bromines
but doesn't ban it [2013].

iodine deficiency from Fluoridated water:
. a 2006 report by the National Research Council
of the National Academies,
"Fluoride in Drinking Water:
A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards":
. fluoride is "an endocrine disruptor
in the broad sense of altering normal endocrine function."
. "fluoride exposure in humans is associated with
elevated TSH concentrations,
increased goiter prevalence,
and altered T4 and T3 concentrations"
with "similar effects on T4 and T3 ...
reported in experimental animals."
[Dr.Mercola 2011]

. you need iodine to metabolize omega-3
into delta-iodolatone derivatives [Hormones 2010];
in fact, you need 100 times the RDA of iodine
(150mic *100 is 15000 mic = 15mg)
to make the delta-iodolatone that provides
the apoptosis needed for control of cancer
[Dr.Brownstein 2014].

Dr.Mercola disputes Dr.Brownstein:
"I have reviewed Brownstein’s work
and although he has many good points
I disagree with his therapeutic recommendations
I am not yet convinced that high doses are necessary"
[Mercola 2013].

Dr.Brownstein's references:

. delta-Iotaodolactone
(6-iodo-5-hydroxy-eicosatrienoic acid)
seems to be the main iodocompound
which can inhibit growth and induce apoptosis
in several types of cancer cells .
. we compare the effect of iodide,
molecular iodine and delta-iodolactone
on growth inhibition and apoptosis
on three human thyroid carcinoma cell lines
(B-CPAP cells, FTC-133 cells and 8505C cells)
as well as on human breast cancer cells (MCF 7).
[Hormones 2010]

Low incidences of mammary cancer have been
associated with the high iodine intake in Asian,
as compared to Western populations
(5280 vs 209 μg /day).
Seaweeds, such as wakame, nori, or mekabu,
are widely consumed in Asian countries
and contain high quantities of
iodine in several chemical forms .
. in mammary gland, supplementation with
molecular iodine (I2), but not iodide (I-),
alleviates human mastalgia and exerts potent
antineoplastic and apoptotic effects
on animal and human cancer.
Lugol is a solution of I2 and KI .
[Mol Cancer. 2013].

I2 has direct anticancer effects?
how much I2 is in Lugol's?:

Lugol's $17 2 oz. (250 drops):
4% Potassium Iodide, 2% Iodine.
3.125 mg of elemental iodine per drop;
so, approx'ly 1mg of I2 per drop .

Iosol (Iodine, Ammonium Iodide):
(I routinely use this on my hands).
. one drop contains 1.83mg of iodine;
here is the 8oz refill $79 .
. Iosol is a proprietary formula;
but I2 appears to be the major ingredient
since the Iodine is listed first before the Ammonium Iodide .

seaweed has some I2:
. the forms of iodine in seaweed include
{ Potassium Iodide, Iodine[I2], Potassium Iodate}
-- Potassium Iodide is 76.5% iodide

. both too much and too little iodine
can slow down the production of hormones.
. consuming 1 tablespoon of some seaweeds
might have you exceeding
the 1.1mg Tolerable Upper Limit
established by the National Academy of Sciences .
. the brown sea vegetables (eg, kelp and wakame)
are richer in iodine than the red forms [whfoods].
. 3tsp dulse powder (5 grams) has 500%
of the Dietary Reference Intake for iodine [whfoods].

how much Seaweed do Japanese really eat?:
Abraham & Brownstein:
. Dr. Alan Gaby mentioned that the
calculation we used to estimate
the average daily iodine of the Japanese
was based on dry weight
whereas the data in Nagataki’s publication
was reported per wet weight;
but the publication was confusing .
. We estimated the average daily intake of iodine
by mainland Japanese in 1963 at 13.8 mg,
based on information supplied by the
Japanese Ministry of Health,
which used only dry weight in their calculations,
confirmed by a phone interview (June 21, 2005).
"Asians" are said to get 5.28mg per day
[Mol Cancer. 2013].


. for several years in the U.S.,
thyroxine has been the most prescribed drug;
hyperthyroidism had previously been treated
successfully with Lugol [high-dose iodine];
the new treatment for hyperthyroid
is radiation of the thyroid gland:
90 percent then becoming hypothyroid .
Dr. Abraham: "Supplying thyroid hormones
to iodine-deprived individuals
masks the iodine deficiency
and can result in zombie-like effect:
The patients are capable of performing physical work
but are not able to think and reason at maximum capacity."
An even greater negative effect is realized
when iodine deprivation is combined with
goitrogenic iodine competitors
as when bromide, fluoride and perchlorate
are allowed in the food and water supply
[Sally Fallon Morell 2009].

. our medical predecessors recommended
a range of daily iodine intake from
Lugol solution (12.5 – 37.5 mg)
exactly within the range required for achieving
whole body sufficiency for iodine .
Iodine deficiency is misdiagnosed
and treated with toxic drugs.
Orthoiodosupplementation may be
the simplest, safest, most effective
and least expensive way
to help solve the health care crisis
[Abraham & Brownstein].