2014 warmest yet but from what?

1.18: co.sciencenews.org/phy/geo/2014 warmest yet but from what?:
sciencenews.org`2014 the warmest yet ?
. global warming could be from more than just greenhouse gases;
see the theory at planet-earth-2017.com:
the geomagnetic reversal is happening,
and the weakening of our magnetosphere
means we get more heat from the thermosphere .
. furthermore,
geomagnetic reversal could usher in an ice age
as it will create many more volcanoes
which will put cooling soot in the air,
and warm the oceans for more snowy precipitation .
. the reason most heat-up is happening at the poles
is that the magnetosphere is what
heats the equator and chills the poles,
but the magnetosphere is weakening .