born 1945 - 1965? #hepatitisC test

2014.10.11: news.med/hepC
/born between 1945 through 1965 is high risk:
The CDC urges everyone born between 1945 through 1965
to get a hepatitis C blood test.
Testing should be initiated with anti-HCV.
A reactive result should be followed by
nucleic acid test (NAT) for HCV RNA.
see rationale.
... 1.1:
. I asked my doctor about this
and she was not interested in giving that test
(perhaps because I'm on medicaid).
. there was a rumor that the reason for this hepC risk
is that vaccination during that period
was sharing needles between kids;
but I can't find the reference to it .
. my doctor was also urging me to get a flu shot
in order to herd-protect infants and elders;
but flu shots may offer little herd immunity;
nevertheless the obese should get a flu shot
because they are more prone to complications .