urine-ash is a superior fertilizer

1.18: care/agro/urine as fertilizer:
. compared to mineral fertilizer
urine-fed plants were 10% larger;
urine/ash–fed were 27% larger .
. an adult on a typical Western diet
urinates about 500 liters a year
[Sci Amer 2010J Agric. Food Chem., 2010].
. one European adult urinates enough to
grow 50 to 100% of their food requirements .
. urine contains the NPK
(nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium)
essential for plant nutrition
[modernfarmer.com 2014].
. the urine from a typical Western Diet
(high in protein and thus nitrogen)
has an NPK ratio of about 11-1-2
similar to blood meal(12-2-1)
whereas cottonseed meal is 7-2-2.
. urine's pH is anywhere from 5 to 9
tending toward neutral [7] as it breaks down
[nwedible.com 2013].