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11.15: news.relig/bible/Egyptology parallels:
Genesis 4:13: And Cain said,
My punishment is greater than my strength.
"the graphic literal translation is
my {perversity, bent-ness} is more {twisted, elongated}
than I can {lift, make rise}"
assumed to be referring to
Kingu injuring the genitals of Cain (AKA Anu)"
[Emerald Emissary `The Legend of Dragoon - Hidden Story of the Bible]
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that is part of this book
Charles N. Pope`Living In Truth:
Archaeology and the Patriarchs:
Parallel between the Hebrew record (Bible)
and evidence from Egyptology (chapt 1):
Among the ancient pantheon, the god Anu
can be identified as the Biblical Cain.
According to the Hittite epic "Kingship in Heaven,"
Anu attacked his more favored brother Alal
After vanquishing his superior Alal (Abel), Anu (Cain)
was then attacked by a mysterious avenger named Kingu.