godless young males should hear about #schizophrenia

2014.12.11: psy/godless young males should hear about schizophrenia:
. if you thought the godless young male
was especially likely to be criminally secretive,
you might think it wise to teach them about the god
and it's ability to talk about you telepathically;
but can fear of god be taught?
it is only when the god reveals itself
that a god of our emotions and thoughts becomes obvious;
otherwise god is just a game of culture, a white lie .
. the best chance of instilling a fear of god
is explaining that schizophrenia could attack anyone,
and that it is the nature of schizophrenia
that you will likely believe in a god that owns telepathy,
telling others what you did and even think .
. but the best way to avoid youth criminality
is to keep them supervised until it is apparent
that they have some interest in their future .