#med accelerated wound repair with #arginine

10.29: web.med/accelerated wound repair with arginine:
. one thing that may accelerate growth for sports injury repair
is arginine and vitamin c .
. quackwatch says arginine doesn't raise growth hormone;
but look at this:
"Arginine Enhances Wound Healing and
Lymphocyte Immune Responses in Humans." Surgery. 1990.
. it has some insulin-blocking effects
so you need to do some exercises with it
else it can make you feel antsy .
. that source also claims 
"it should not be used by young people
until at least five years after
they have completed their long bone growth."
. personally, I take it when I can't sleep;
that's how I know it raises growth hormone,
good sleep raises growth hormone,
and arginine provides good sleep .
. arginine with lysine also lowers cortisol 
which enhances insulin sensitivity .
. I first read about it from Pearson & Shaw
they mention taking it with choline and B5,
but in their 1984 book vitamin C was important .