#Judaism the 7 Noahide laws whereby anyone can get into Jewish New World

11.3: co.self/dream/relig/judaism/the 7 Noahide laws 
whereby anyone can get into Jewish New World:
[ just before this dream I had learned from wikinoah.org
about the Talmud's 7 commandments of god 
meant for all of the remaining gentiles
who were welcomed in the Jewish World to Come;
it had a law that was not in Moses 10 commandments:
not only shall you not take a life,
but also not take the limb from a life .
. also, instead of saying Honor your Parents,
it was saying Parents should instill in their children
a love for maintaining the legal system .]
. in this dream, many of us lived in the same house;
and, I could leave a prized smartphone on the table
without it getting stolen,
even though at one point someone had moved the entire table
that the smartphone was sitting on .
. however, as the guys were doing a lot of stunts,
they were finding it was easy to lose body parts,
an arm in one case, and a pony tail in another .
. as I tried to release the pony tail from
the place on the ceiling where it got hung up on,
I had to remove a lot of plant vines,
and that's when I noticed that the plant was
tearing up parts of the house
by growing into the floor boards
like fungus growing on a rotten log,
but it was leafy like a squash vine .
. this house is being destroyed,
I thought to myself .
. as I walked down the school hall I saw a really large guy
with his arm removed from his body;
and, I said to those around me,
"I watched more body parts get ripped off today
than any other time of the year ".
. a bystander replied:
"that's because of the frost" .
. our modern idea of free capitalism and medicine
is saving every life but is stealing limbs from us
by causing cancers and diabetes .
. a house-rotting vine reminds of grapevine(gossip)
and problems with schizophrenia's telepathy .
. tarnishing a reputation is like stealing a limb .]