enslavement in Egypt prophesied (WWIII_2016_prophesied_too)

10.31: pol/purges/wwIII/relig/bible/enslavement in Egypt was prophesied:
. there is part of the old testament bible(gen 15)
where the father of Israel is warned centuries early
about his people being enslaved in Egypt;
. that is significant to our time,
because we were warned centuries ago,
of a prophesy for the year 5777 (Fall 2016)
that a new world order would emerge
(ie, Israel's messiah would come);
and that order likely will be installed only by
a great war; that would obviously be WWIII .
. the messiah will come at a time of world-wide peace;
(see criterion# world-wide peace);
and that could only occur when there is just one army
acting only for the United Nations, or some other global government,
that can only be installed by world-wide war .