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10.25: news.pol/911truther/farsight.org/not consistent with evidence:
. I listened to an interview with Dr. Courtney Brown
speaker for the farsight.org remote viewing program .
. he claims a 9/11 report will be good for
popularizing the believability of remote viewing;
but his results are not even consistent with facts .

here is the interview, latenightinthemidlands:
what follows are notes of what Dr.Brown said,
[and my commentary about that].

. we all saw jet aircraft crashing on 9/11;
[ yea? see Dr.Reynold's no-planes theory ]
but what brought down the buildings was
a set of demolition charges;
[ conventional demolition charges? ]
he agrees with ae911truth.org's report of demolition;
[ which doesn't agree with Dr.Judy Wood's theory
which should indeed popularize his message,
but as we will see after WWIII is done (Fall 2016),
Dr. Judy Wood is telling the truth .]

. we should see Ed Asner on youtube .
[ Ed Asner's message to the 9/11 truth movement?
"unity" (throw Dr.Judy Wood under the bus?), and:
911 Inside Job - 911 Families, Architects And Engineers .]

. the demolition included chemical, standard explosives,
and "atomic" elements as well;
but some ask "where is the radiation?":
atomic weaponry today is not dirty with radiation
rather, they are suitcase-sized micro atomc bombs
that have very little radiation .
. steel was melted and vaporized
leaving no rubble .
[ atomic bombs would generate heat and light
and we saw no evidence of that;
we saw no signs of heat for melting or vaporizaton
but we did see massive strange dustification
indicating an unpublished technology .]

. remote viewers mentioned popeye?
the interviewer notes that was a
Vietnam operation for weather modification
[ weather modification is related to beam weapons
as storms provide a static field
that is needed for dustifying field effects
by Tesla beam weapons with Hutchison Effects .]

. this story is ok by the "military guys"
on farsight's board of directors?
[ what is not ok is talking about Tesla beam weapons
as proposed by Dr.Judy Wood .]