#Jesus #privacy vs #knowlege #the_truth_will_set_ you_free

10.25, 11.2: relig/jc/the truth will set you free:
. when Jesus said "the truth will set you free"
he was talking about the truth about
what the god wants from us;
knowing that will set us free from sin
(being addicted to behaviors that harm us,
or that set us apart from the god,
giving us bad luck in war and competitions).
. is it generally true that truth is freedom?
there are 2 schools of thought:
. we need to be lied to about the world
(especially the supernatural and physics)
because many would abuse free knowledge
and can hide among privacy rights .
. we can know the truth because
we don't believe in privacy rights;
and can detect abusers of free knowledge .
. so,
which offers more freedom and less crime,
privacy or full knowledge?