british involvement

. recalling historian claimed that
brit's invited zionists into palestine;
actually, zionism had been a vivid dream of many jews at the time,
and perhaps they simply chose that time for other reasons
so that rather than inviting them,
the brit's simply allowed an immigration that zionists were pushing anyway .
. I've felt this heaviness thinking that the next ww is coming from zionism,
and was paranoid about others thinking that britain
(whom I have citizenship with) really started Israel .
. even if they did, you'd want to look at the actual policy:
how did the state come to make that decision,
and was it a healthy democracy that produced that head's position?
ie, was that decision based on constitutional values,
values generally held by the common man ?
. for example, you could say that much of what usa`pres' Bush did
was a nutty, fundamentalist religious fanaticism,
but how much of it was really just the common cowboy hating arabs? .
. look at how ferociously militarized the religious can be in the uk:
the protestant vs catholic clashes,
just a blood bath over how to follow the Lamb?
. you might imagine there was a large body seething about those muslims,
and you can pretend to defend bullied jews,
but what you really are is
proud christians sneering at those muslims,
like you've always done for a 1000 years .