unamerican fed bank may be unglobal too

1.31: co.apt/pol/purges/inflation/unamerican fed bank may be unglobal too:
. even if the fed bank were constitutional,
it should be considered unamerican,
because it is a private bank
running our public country .
. some hope that the fed's new chairman
does not allow deflation?
deflation is typical of depressions;
but in the next depression,
the usa's dollar will be replaced by
responsible gold-backed notes from BRICS nations .
. and that means there will be inflation
-- not deflation -- even in a depression .
. some say there will simply be shortages
rather than inflation,
as foreign wholesalers decline to take dollars
from usa's retailers;
but how can there be chronic shortages
without the price rising for the highest bidder? ]

[. the fed's usa dollar is being replaced
as the world's reserve currency
because the usa went off the gold standard
which then meant the fed could be
printing money just to buy up all of the
messes that usa private banks have made
rather than printing money for
tangiblizing the real work the world has done . [2.2:
. the reason for getting off the gold standard
was to have a no-limit credit card
for funding the wars being planned .]

. the BRICS nations (Russia, China, 
India, Brazil, S.Africa)
resent being taxed by the inflation
that comes with doing trades with dollars;
so, they may use a wwIII for deciding
whether the usa dollar remains as
the world's reserve currency .

. wwIII will likely happen,
because the globalists need a central bank
with pervasive surveillance,
and only a global war can force that shift .
. the dollar will be replaced by
globally recognized smart debit cards
controlled by the world's central bank
run by the winner of wwIII:
the capitalist's United Nations .

. if the world is to be a safe place,
safe from beam weapon terrorism
we need global surveillance (including the
complete tracking of money electronically)
and a good excuse to start wwIII
is the need to wrap up of the zionist crusades
by reducing Iran to a state in which
it is no longer being a threat to Israel .]