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. tap water is usually already chlorinated,
and can be stored as-is;
if storing filtered or well water
you will need to add two drops of
non-scented chlorine bleach
to every 2 litres of water,
assuming the chlorine is 5.35% strength .
. before using chlorinated water
let it stand ventilated for 30 minutes
so that the chlorine can escape .
Be sure to read the label when
purchasing chlorine for this use,
 content is best for calculating your needs.
Chlorine bleach will kill mostbacteria causing diseases.
Chlorine has a limited shelflife:
. stored between 50F and 70F
it starts to degrade by approximately 20% per year
to salts and water.
chlorine of the form 6% sodium hypochlorite,
has only a 3 month shelflife .
chlorinated Water has a 6month shelflife ..
[if you ignored the previous tip,
you might be interested in this backup: ]
iodine is limited as a backup water purifier:
. Iodine purification works best when
it's applied just before the water is used;
the water temperature is over 68F .
. using Liquid 2% Tincture of Iodine
Add 5 drops per quart when the water is clear.
Add 10 drops per quart when the water is cloudy.
. iodine is degraded by UV from light;
. some people are allergic to iodine,
some people who are allergic to shellfish
are also allergic to iodine.
[. some with thyroiditis may get much worse
when exposed to high levels of iodine .]
pregnancy may be affected .