new normal sugar doubles heart disease risk

7: news.health/new normal sugar doubles heart disease risk:
. sugar has been shrugged off as merely fattening;
but, it can also lead to cardiovascular disease
as well as many other chronic diseases,
including diabetes mellitus,
liver cirrhosis[from fructose in sugar],
and dementia [from cholesterol raised by sugar]
— all linked to metabolic perturbations involving
dyslipidemia, hypertension, and insulin resistance .
. in the latest study (JAMA Internal Medicine, Feb 3),
added sugars were defined as
those used in processed or prepared foods,
including sugar-sweetened beverages,
packaged cereals and breads, etc;
but not those that occur naturally
in fruit and vegetables.
. sugar counted for at least 25% of the calories
among 10% of the group;
that group had a 2.75 times greater risk
of cardiovascular disease mortality
compared to an sugar intake of less than 10%.