response to Mark Levin#7.1 on health care

. Mark Levin is saying on the radio
that Obama-run health care is going to ruin choice;
and from there his argument can produce as evidence
follies of nationalized health care systems in britain and canada .
. well, one's first reaction should be that Obama's plan does not
want to nationalize the entire health care system;
but, I got the idea that one way Levin's nightmare could happen
is that no private co's could compete, and then they would evaporate .
so, what the Obama campaign needs
is not stories of a pathetic need for universal health care
but instead,
reassurances how private plans can coexist profitably .

. if Obama's only concern was that private plans keep cheating by
finding ways to mark patients as lying about pre-existing conditions,
why not just make a law against that practice?
. the logical response by the private plans then
will be to raise premiums for those they do accept,
and aren't those premiums already too high?
-- soon employers will stop offering free health care,
and you will feel the cost of those premiums gouge half your pay check!
. what is the reason for the rise in private plan premiums?
the private plans are required by hospitals to pay for
the cost of emergency room service which hospitals are forced to provide free
to those who aren't paying to be on any plan .
. well, the Obama plan would make these free-loaders pay to be on gov'care,
and in this way, gov`care would make private plans more profitable
by allowing them to get cheaper services,
and pass the savings onto their eager customers .
. you might logically object to the prospect of being required to pay premiums
when you're idea of cheap health care is preventive or suicidal;
but then what is to stop others like you from free-loading off hospitals?
nothing! . taxes must accurately reflect what your locale uses in gov`services,
and that includes not only police, and fire, but also emmergency care .

. Levin pointed out that we've had a taste of
universal coverage with medicare -- or did he say
the combined medicare and medicaid? -- anyway, call all that gov`care:
. it's spending way more than we can afford, already!,
how much worse will it get when gov`care is extended to everyone?!
. I think the Obama`response would be
that the cost of gov`care can be acceptably reduced
by promising to pay doctors differently:
instead of underpaying them for each service,
it would put them on guaranteed salary
but with bonuses for keeping patients healthy;
this can save lots of money because doctors know that the meds they give
are going to make the patient sicker in the long run,
but its making the patient happy in the short term .
. salaried doctors will move from cholesterol meds to
healthy lifestyle changes like demanding the proven cholesterol-lowering diet
with high-greens and no processed meats .