misrepresenting Obama at freeourhealthcarenow.com

. at freeourhealthcarenow.com, Mark Levin was again spreading
misinformation about the Obama health care reform,
and asking us to sign a petition that says:
. I petition the congress to stop any increased
role of the gov in my health care decisions .
. I also petition the congress to protect my right to
choose my own doctors and hospitals without delay or denial,
to obtain care that is patient -centered,
and to have health insurance that is
personal, portable and best suits my needs .
so, since Levin's really petitioning for the same things
that Obama's plan wants,
I signed the petition with my name as:
thisIsTheSameThingObamaWants americiumdreamdocs

--. the intro says:

. sign the "(free our health care now) petition .
. stop the gov takeover before it's too late .
. Obama and congress are pushing "(reform) that will
move america closer to a gov-run system like Canada or Britain .
. if they succeed,
most americans will no longer be able to keep the insurance they have .
. instead they will be forced into a gov-run health insurance market,
with most people enrolled in a gov-run health plan .
. I support the following as
key elements of any health care reform plan:
. I support the right to choose my own doctor
and to choose a plan that best fits my family's needs and budget .
. I want to get the treatment I need, when I need it, without delay or denial
and I want my care to be patient-centered rather than gov-centered .
. I want the same tax breaks employees get if I have to
pay for own health insurance;
and I want gov assistance redirected to those that truly need help .
. I want more control to cover my own health care decisions
and I want a system that encourages everyone to eliminate
fraud, waste, and abuse .
. I want insurance I can take with me if I have to change jobs .