neckstrap for laptop while training recumbent

. in 2005 I named my new laptop "xpw"
which stands for (xp walking),
since it was supposed to be replacing my pda (the 2002 Dell`Axim x5),
and would support a standard OS (ms`xp)
instead of win/ce (windows`crippled edition) .
. people marveled at how small that Fujitsu Lifebook p1510d was;
but, it was never quite a pda:
. I never walked with it much like I did the pda,
because the battery was so expensive .
. now I've got a trike trainer,
for cycling in place while I do desk work,
some of which can be done on this laptop
(it's just a reading device now,
since I don't trust xp with my work anymore) .

. when the laptop is opened all the way,
(so it's flat instead of L-shaped)
there are cracks in the hinge where a strap can fit,
and with a strap around both it and my neck
it will balance on my stomach, while I'm reclined on the trike;
and the screen is just the right distance from my eyes
-- where I can see tiny print without using glasses .
. my hands can use it as a resting place
rather than be burdened holding its weight .