can't go wrong with the Topeak Pressure-Rite Anti-Air Loss Connector

. I spent considerable time getting leads on a better tire pump,
only to find it too had problems:
that good reputation was only for their older pumps,
that pump stopped working when it started catering to usa`style valves,
that pricey pump has plastic parts that fail like the rest:
and, what good is a warranty if the whole deal is inconvenient
or has bad service .
. well, along with being satisfied with this Planet Bike pump
-- fine for my 75-psi 20" trike tires --
I'm sure I can't go wrong with the adapter I got for it:
Topeak Pressure-Rite Anti-Air Loss Connector $7.63

. the adapter is genius:
it has it's own pressure sensitive valve inside;
give it a pump to engage it,
then your pump's gauge's reading will be true;
finally release your pump's engage
and the adapter quickly releases pressure on the tire's stem valve .
. now easily unscrew the adapter .
. the adapter screws on easily, and has a rock-solid connection .
. they advertise it as getting into tight places,
and providing exact pressures;
but, it's also doing well at an additional use case:
since it's the pump's pressure that sets the adapter's stem depressor,
the pump's stem depressor never gets worn out .
. also, since the adapter's stem depressor is metal,
it never gets worn out either !