pro-union and trans-labor

. the reason for unions is that I want to own my job,
more importantly though, that means I own my money tree .
. another source of money is robots,
the key to fairness is unions owning those robots .
. when a corp replaces our jobs with robots,
they make us co.owners of those robots;
so that, like the rich,
who live off the interest of owning stocks,
we live off the interest of owning
stock in our robot-based company .
. when we lose a job from a company that is growing
this is because they replaced us with technology;
so we should get a piece of their stock equal to our salary;
ie, the typical interest on the stock we own is, on average,
the same as the money we earned when employed by the company .
. jobs should never be moving their labor force overseas;
because that means they are taking advantage of communist slaves,
or desperados in some 3rd-world element;
and is therefore tantamount to trumping our fair employment laws .
. the way to help both the 3rd world and ourselves,
is to encourage population control and co.ownership of robots .
. co.ownership of robots is the best job security for our children
because being stocks, they can be inherited by our children;
and conversely, robot co.ownership can encourage population control
altleast if families are responsible for their own
-- the more you reproduce, the less you collectively earn .