mac/atom newsfeeds

. Some web sites post lots of new articles or updates;
and, while you can always visit your bookmarked sites to see the latest articles,
it's sometimes more convenient to have new stories sent to you automatically
. If you are browsing a web site with firefox
and it has an available RSS or Atom feed,
the orange waves icon will appear at the right side of the Location Bar .
. if you subscribe to this feed, then what happens in firefox
is that inside menu: bookmarks/bookmarks toolbar/site/
you'll see a list of
site's current articles .

. if you try this in Apple`Safari.browser
then you'll find that it supports RSS but not Atom feeds;

well, what is the diff' ?
. before 2003, everyone was using RSS;
and, that's why Apple`Safari.browser can read RSS .
. in 2003, Atom was designed to fix RSS`shortcomings;
and Google started using Atom for its services:
Blogger, Google News and Gmail.

so, if you're on the mac, and you prefer to avoid firefox?
try an Atom reader for the mac;
or, google has a web-based reader accessible from any browser:
. it's available whenever you're signed into your gmail acct .

. the google`reader also lets you select news items to share with others .
. if you're sharing with people who don't use gmail,
they can see your shared items via your personal
google`reader shared items website; eg, mine is here:

. to try out g'reader's newsfeed search,
I looked for "(americium dream) and got one of my blogs,
and my amazon.com reviews .
. it listed my 'docs blog even though my 'duh blog has more posts
(perhaps because the one post it does have
is linking to google`knol, and all my google`code sites
are linking only to
'docs, not 'duh) .

. you can also select others who have gmail accts,
and then when they use google`reader,
they can look into friends' shared items,
and it will show all the stories you've shared with them .

. mac also has an openware newsreader: rssowl .
. it's based on java, so it can be crossplatform .