health care -- the american way

. the american way is accountability:

our culture of freedom is an evil conspiracy:
. taxpayers may believe that if you put yourself at risk,
then you should pay the consequences;

but, the moralistic say hospitals should give help
-- and pray for compensation later;
hence this sea of emergency room care .

. how do the hospitals pay for this?
they raise their prices on those who can pay .

. how do private insurers deal with this?
they find individuals that require no services,
and drop individuals the first time they do require services .

. real accountability taxes freedom like so:
. somehow we need to determine what is preventable

and if the individual is at fault for causing a preventable problem
then after 3 strikes of not paying for the services
and not submitting to the lifestyle police,
then they are offered only euthanasia .
. if occupational health hazards could have caused poor health,

then taxes pay, so then taxpayers sue the business for reimbursement
like we did on the tobacco co's .
. obviously this lifestyle policing is a hairy problem,
as their is still much debate about what a good lifestyle is .

. this is where private insurers step in:
"(we provide supplemental insurance for young and old drivers,
neck-breaking sports, fast, fried food, and other zoned-out diets! ) .

. the worst evil of freedom is private parenting;

if parenting were democratically controlled,
rather than having people try to control democracy by
out-reproducing other ethnicities,
then taxpayers could feel that welfare-takers and gang-breeders
have been replaced by extended family .

. here is the right place for communism: at the family level,
where children belong to churches or parenting-coops, not individuals .

the american way is trial by jury of peers -- safety in numbers:

the medical society is an evil conspiracy:
. they claim that we need people from special schools to care for us
-- astronomically expensive schools;
and, there is always a shortage of these people;
then they get overworked and make mistakes .

. we need bundles of pro's all looking at the same problem,
getting paid as a bundle -- normal wages for normal work loads .

the legal society is an evil conspiracy:
. lawyers would have us believe that you can go on playing "(doctor knows best)

and then when things go wrong, you can just sue the pants off god .
. we need people and their relatives to learn and understand
that when we are constantly pushing the envelope of technology
then there are inherent risks -- just like driving on public roads;

and when bad things happen,
we should feel free to ask the state for mercy pay,
but we should not blame our team of doctors any more than we blame our relatives .