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5.28: news.pol/healthcare/cancer/nanoparticles in food untested:
. nano-sized materials promote genetic instability
(used in cosmetics, biomedical, textiles, food, plastics and paints);
genetic instability might promote cancer.

Friends of the Earth`petition:
We urge baby formula companies to recall formula containing nanoparticles.

Manufacturers should:
1. Remove all baby formulas containing nanoparticles from store shelves
until the safety of these ingredients can be substantiated
and appropriately regulated by the FDA.
2. Remove nanoparticles from product formulas.
All baby formula and food manufacturers should review the ingredients
contained in their products to ensure they are free from engineered nanoparticles;
this may involve inquiries with third party ingredient suppliers.
3. Create nanomaterial policies. Companies should create clear policies
to avoid the use of engineered nanoparticles in their products
until nanotechnology-specific regulation is put in place
to protect the public, workers and the environment
from potential new hazards associated with nano-toxicity.
4. Manufacturers should refer to the Nanomaterials Policy Recommendations
published by a coalition of domestic and international advocacy groups,
including Friends of the Earth, to help inform companies and consumers
about the potential risks of nanomaterials.
5. Ensure transparency in the supply chain.
If companies continue to use nano-ingredients,
they must be clearly indicated on product labels,
allowing members of the public to make informed choices about product use.
Companies producing baby formulas containing nanomaterials
must create a registry of potential side effects as reported by consumers
(parents of babies consuming these products).
This should be modeled after the registries that
pharmaceutical companies are required to create
which both receive reports of side effects of new products
and incorporate this information into required
consumer education inserts at point of sale.

cornucopia alert:
Nanoparticles linked to potential health hazards were found in
popular powdered baby formula products,
according to a first-of-its-kind report released today. 
Scientists found unlabeled and under regulated nanotechnologies
in six out of six formulas tested, including
Gerber, Enfamil, Similac and Well Beginnings
products currently on store shelves.

Friends of the Earth’s report, “Nanoparticles in Baby Formula:
Tiny new ingredients are a big concern,”
details new findings from independent lab research
and compiles data from health impact studies on nanoparticles.
Nano-sized structures and particles of potential concern
were found in all six of the baby formulas tested, including:
nano-hydroxyapatite (nano HA)
in needle-like and non needle-like form,
nano titanium dioxide (TiO2), and nano silicon dioxide (SiO2)
(the nano TiO2 and SiO2 results demonstrated possible presence).

“This technology is moving from the lab to the marketplace
without sufficient regulation, safety assessment and labeling,”
said lead report author, Ian Illuminato,
health and environment campaigner with Friends of the Earth.
“It’s of real concern that these tiny particles are used in
hundreds of consumer products, and now in infant formula,
with minimal to no oversight. Companies and regulators
must take extra care with a product fed to the
most vulnerable among us.”