books about #telepathy with #pets

5.13: web.psy/parapsy/books about telepathy with pets:
. what will amazon search bring up
with "pet telepathy"?
there are dozens of books about telepathy with pets
or pet psychics or psychic pets.
. included is one that is rather scientific,
"Rupert Sheldrake's Dogs That Know
When Their Owners Are Coming Home"
in about the middle of amazon's list.
. the list below is roughly in the same order
that amazon's search provided.

Learn Animal Communication and Telepathy:
Communicate with Your Pets and Any Animal
by Lori Spagna Mar 29, 2016

Pets Tell The Truth
by Agnes Julia Thomas Aug 8, 2005
-- Learn telepathic communication.

Telepathic Communication with Animals 2006 DVD

All Pets Go To Heaven: 
The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love
by Sylvia Browne Oct 6, 2009

How Animals and People Can Connect Telepathically 2008 DVD

Animals in the Afterlife:
Surviving Pet Loss and Turning Grief into a Gift
by Lori Spagna Jan 23, 2016
-- Animal Communicator, Intuitive and Pet Psychic.

Learn Animal Communication and Telepathy Workbook:
Communicate with Your Pets and Any Animal Workbook
by Lori Spagna Mar 29, 2016

For Pet's Sake, Do Something! Book One
- How to Communicate with Your Pets
and Help Them Heal (Mom's Choice Award...
by Dr. Monica and Diedrich Jan 15, 2007
-- Use intention and visualization for recovery
- Utilize aura and chakra energy

Sonya Fitzpatrick the Pet Psychic:
What the Animals Tell me
by Sonya Fitzpatrick Mar 2, 2004

Animal Psychic Communication Plus Reiki Pet Healing
by Steve Murray Aug 15, 2009

Animal Communication Course:
Heart-to-Heart Telepathy with Animals
by Dr. Laurie Moore and Mike De Give May 17, 2013

Psychic Communication with Animals for Health and Healing
by Laila del Monte Mar 9, 2010

Pets Have Souls Too
by JENNY SMEDLEY Apr 5, 2009
-- pets who revisit their owners after death;
-- psychic pets.

Animal Talk: 
Interspecies Telepathic Communication
by Penelope Smith Sep 16, 2008

In the Presence of High Beings:
What Dolphins Want You To Know
by Bobbie Sandoz-Merrill May 1, 2005
--receiving their telepathic messages.

Conversations with a Telepathic Cat
by Nancy Hartwell Aug 17, 2013

Dispatches From The Ark:
Pages From A Pet Psychic's Notebook
by Suzan Vaughn Nov 8, 2012
-- even bargain with insects.

Sonya Fitzpatrick: the pet psychic:
What The Animals Tell Me

Sending Signals: 5 Simple Steps to a
More Intuitive Relationship With Your Pet
by Cara Gubbins Jul 9, 2015

More Strange Powers of Pets
by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger Oct 11, 1994
-- such strong psychic bonds with owners.

Talk With Your Animals: One on One Communication
by Candy O'Donnell and Lindsay Kendal May 14, 2014
-- communicate with your pet using intuition.

Shapeshifting with Our Animal Companions:
Connecting with the Spiritual Awareness of All Life
by Dawn Baumann Brunke Jun 24, 2008

I Eat Poop: How To Telepathically Communicate With
Animals Of All Species And Validate Communications
by Donna BP Nov 1, 2011

Animal Voices:
Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life
by Dawn Baumann Brunke May 1, 2002

Psychic Pets & Spirit Animals:
True Stories from the Files of FATE (Fate Presents)
by FATE Magazine Feb 8, 1996

When Animals Speak: 
Advanced Interspecies Communication
by Penelope Smith Apr 1999

Animal Communication: Our Sacred Connection
by Jacquelin Smith Aug 12, 2013

Is Your Pet Psychic:
Developing Psychic Communication with Your Pet
by Richard Webster Jul 8, 2015

Listening to the Silent Majority:
"Aunt Julie" Rich, Pet Communicator
by Julie Rich August 6, 2011
-- “Understanding Telepathy”
-- “What language does my pet speak?”

The Language of Animals:
7 Steps to Communicating with Animals
by Carol Gurney Dec 10, 2008
--Develop long-distance communication skills.

Learn How to Talk to Animals
- A Practical Guide for a Magical Journey
by Leta Worthington Feb 20, 2012

When Animals Speak: Techniques for
Bonding With Animal Companions
by Penelope Smith Aug 4, 2009

Communication With All Life
by Joan Ranquet Nov 1, 2007

Animal Communication Through Telepathy:
If My Friends Could Hear Me Now
by Michelle Lannan Jan 15, 2014

The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic
Teaches You to Talk to Animals
by Amelia Kinkade and Dr. Bernie S. Siegel Oct 6, 2010

Psychic Pets: The Secret Life of Animals (R)
by Joseph Wylder April 23, 1995

Animal Wisdom: How to Hear the Animals
by Anita Curtis Apr 10, 2001

Psychic Communication with Pets: Step-by-Step
by Steve Murray Sep 17, 2011

Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home:
by Rupert Sheldrake April 26, 2011
"How do cats know when it's time to go to the vet,
even before the cat carrier comes out?
How do dogs know when their owners are
returning home at unexpected times?
How can horses find their way back to the stable
over completely unfamiliar terrain?
With a scientist's mind and an animal lover's compassion,
world-renowned biologist Rupert Sheldrake
presents a groundbreaking exploration of animal behavior
that will profoundly change the way we think
about animals -- and ourselves.
After five years of extensive research
involving thousands of people
who have pets and work with animals,
Dr. Sheldrake proves conclusively
what many pet owners already know:
there is a strong connection between humans and animals
that defies present-day scientific understanding.
This remarkable book deserves a place next to the
most beloved and valuable books on animals,
including When Elephants Weep,
Dogs Never Lie About Love,
and The Hidden Life of Dogs."

Talking with Dogs and Cats:
Joining the Conversation to Improve Behavior
and Bond with Your Animals
by Tim Link and Victoria Stilwell Jun 9, 2015

Communicating with Animals:
How to Tune into Them Intuitively
by Margrit Coates Jun 4, 2012

Communicating With Animals:
The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals
by Arthur Myers Apr 22, 1997

Psychic Pets: How Animal Intuition and Perception
Has Changed Human Lives
by Emma Heathcote-James Sep 28, 2007

If Only They Could Talk: The Miracles of Spring Farm
by Dawn Hayman and Bonnie Jones Reynolds Oct 18, 2005
-- As trust and affection grew between them,
so did their capacity to exchange feelings and thoughts.

Heart to Heart
by Pea Horsley Mar 1, 2010
-- UK's first professional animal communicator;
-- animal psychic.

Listen Animals Talk
by Barbara Schaer and Jane Beals Dec 8, 2013

Animal Voices, Animal Guides:
Discover Your Deeper Self through
Communication with Animals
by Dawn Baumann Brunke Jan 25, 2011

Medicine Horse Woman
- Lessons on Spirituality and Healing
from an Animal Communicator
by Mary Marshall and Karen Kennedy Jun 19, 2013
-- intuitive communication with animals.

What Animals Tell Me:
True Stories of an Animal Communicator
by Monica Diedrich Feb 28, 2005

Talking with Horses
by Henry Blake Oct 28, 2007

Talking with the Animals - A compilation of Stories
by Sharon Baldwin 2013

Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale
by Tim Link May 1, 2009
-- animal communicator and a Reiki energy healer for animals,
Link has never failed to reach an animal,
even if that animal has transitioned to the next world.

Cat Talk: The Secrets of Communicating with Your Cat
by Sonya Fitzpatrick Oct 7, 2003

Do Cats Have ESP?
by Jeane Dixon Feb 2000

Animal Communication:
A Comprehensive Guide to Learning
by Holly Davis Jun 17, 2014
-- connect on a telepathic level.

Profound Insights from Animals and Nature
by Cynthia Attar Sep 1, 2012
-- telepathic chats the author has had with
animals, trees, the moon, even a forest fire, and more.

Whispers from the Wild:
Listening to Voices from the Animal Kingdom
by Amelia Kinkade Oct 11, 2016

The Cat's Meow: Chats with Cool Cats!
by Maia Kincaid Ph.D. February 9, 2015
-- actual telepathic communication with cats.

What the Animals Tell Me:
Developing Your Innate Telepathic Skills
to Understand and Communicate With Your Pets
by Sonya Fitzpatrick and Patricia Burkhart Smith Sep 9, 1998

Let's Talk
by Mary Kohnke 2011
-- a dog was speaking to me telepathically.

Awakening to Animal Voices: A Teen Guide to
Telepathic Communication with All Life
by Dawn Baumann Brunke Apr 9, 2004

Journal of Love:
Spiritual Communication with Animals
Through Journal Writing
by Janice Gray Kolb Jul 25, 1900
-- the Holy Spirit, angels, telepathy, prayer, and healing.

Quick How-To Guide for Learning to Talk with Animals:
Animal Communication Everyone Can Do It
by Kim Baker Oct 14, 2013

Wisdom of the Animals:
Communication Between Animals and the People Who Love Them
by Raphaela Pope and Elizabeth Morrison Apr 2001

Talking with the Animals
- A compilation of Stories
by Ms Sharon D Baldwin May 29, 2013

I Talk to the Animals
by Barbara Morrison animal psychic Feb 1, 2001

Psychic Animals: A Fascinating Investigation of Paranormal Behavior
by Dennis Bardens and David Bellamy Aug 1, 2000
-- remarkable feats of telepathy, precognition
and long-distance perception.

Jazz the Mentalist Dog
by Shirley A Stephenson April 17, 2013
-- chance encounter with a pet psychic reveals the
dog's surprising mental communication skills.

Can You Hear Me?
by Janine Wilbraham September 9, 2011
-- Psychic Animal Communicator.