grape seed extract for treating edema

web.me/med/edema/grape seed extract:
2016.5.11: summary:
. review of 2015 cook and med notes
about grape seed extract for treating edema.
I had edema in feet for 2.5 months,
then it was much reduced after 2 weeks of
quadruple dosing of grape seed extract.

2015: 5.25:
. vaguely recall it was about this time
that I couldn't keep fluid out of a foot and ankle.
. I was perplexed because the last time this happened
I had blamed it on a strange diet
but I hadn't changed my diet lately.
. however, the bad diet was thought to increase cortisol,
and another thing that does that is social stress.

6.26: news.med/edema/grape seed extract:
". grape seed extract is known as a
defender of the circulatory system.
It improves peripheral circulation,
revives declining capillary activity by up to 140%,
and increases vascular response by some 82%.
It repairs varicose veins and aids in the prevention of bruising.
It is commonly credited with helping reduce
symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency,
a condition where blood pools in the legs,
which can cause pain, swelling, visible veins and fatigue.
It is also helpful in treating edema and swelling
caused by surgery or injury.
. 600 mg of grape seed extract daily after surgery for 6 months
had less edema and pain than those who took a placebo."

6.28: me/med/both feet have edema now.

7.18: me/med/sore knees:
. lately about the time I started getting edema in the feet,
I also began to get sore knees from sitting too long,
and there has been arthritis in right fingers
but that has become less so recently .

7.19: web.me/med/edema:
"The main symptom of edema is swelling;
Other symptoms include:
[ I have all these:]
Weight gain, Aching limbs, Stiff joints
[ I don't have these:]
Discolouration of skin,
Hypertension (high blood pressure).
Swollen ankles and legs will often be brought on, or aggravated,
by long periods of standing.
A number of medications can increase the risk of edema.
Such medications include corticosteroids,
blood pressure medications and the contraceptive pill.
Water retention may also be caused by
Kidney disease, Heart failure, Liver cirrhosis
Thyroid disease, Lymphoedema, Pregnancy."

7.26: me/med/edema of the last month the same:
. the left foot remains very plump,
while the right foot is only slightly so.
7.29: could it be due to ongoing prostate infection?

8.13: proc.cook/gsx/(grape seed extract):
purchased gsx from amazon.
8.14: proc.cook/gsx/dose: 8th tsp,

BulkSupplements`Pure Grape Seed Extract
/seems pure but no potency claims:
. as expected, this is very bitter from tannins;
but the taste is ok once you buffer it
with food or a mineral supplement.
. feels like high antioxidant value:
makes me hungry for caffeine
(not comparing to other extracts
this is my first grape seed extract).
. I took an 8th of a tsp on my first day,
hoping to reduce leg edema
(requires higher doses if it works at all).
. the next day I upped my dose to a 4th tsp;
the first dose caused loss of appetite,
and I worried about high doses causing nausea,
but the 4th of a tsp has been ok
(that's 4 times the upper recommended dose).
9.3: 2 weeks later:
definitely has reduced edema in foot.

10.1: discontinued use.