Ralph Nader`Unstoppable corporate state #illuminati

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Ralph Nader`Unstoppable: 
The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State
. he's too late .
. Nader is right about our country being hijacked,
but it was pawned by the illuminati not free capitalists
-- the pro-War-on-Terror hawks:
the freemason and christian zionists --
completely pawn the Republicans and Democrats;
so, Nader's Right-Left Alliance voters will be impotent .
. the illuminati have a civilization to save/dominate
before the anti-zionist world wakes up to the secret physics
of beam weapons, free energy, and anti-gravity propulsion .
. this is why a bunch of America's smartest
don't seem to be worrying about petty national issues
like popular disapproval or currency collapse .