John E. Whitcomb, M.D anti-aging

4.30: aq.med/John E. Whitcomb, M.D anti-aging:
5.4: summary:
. a friend using integrative medicine for cancer
(using both chemo and functional medicine)
introduced me to an anti-aging doctor
who has a blog I found very helpful
and who has a clinic in Brookfield, Wisconsin
with BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy)
probiotics, and anti-aging diet management .
. I briefly explore his blog's advice,
and give a summary of his LiveLongMD.com site .

. see his current blog at newsinnutrition.com .
his old blog's hello:
. archive of the old blog .

About his practice 2014.3.31:
Dr John Whitcomb is one of Milwaukee's premier
functional medicine and Anti-Aging doctors.
He is in private practice in Brookfield.
He is board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine,
Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine
and has a Masters Degree in
Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine.
He is also now developing Wellness University,
an innovative course to teach the fundamentals of
nutrition and self care to individuals and companies.
about his clinic 2011.12.5:
John E Whitcomb, MD
Brookfield Longevity and Healthy Living Clinic,
17585 W North Ave, Suite 160, Brookfield WI  53045
www.LiveLongMD.com .

news from his clinic at LiveLongMD.com:

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement:
Why doesn't my doctor prescribe natural hormones?
This is a new field and it's pretty complicated.
All the staff at the Brookfield Longevity Clinic
are trained by the Anti-Aging Fellowship
for a Masters in Metabolic and Anti-Aging .
. it takes two full years of study to accomplish
with over 240 hours of lecture time .
We use only compounding pharmacists with the
highest quality standards that we have
personally inspected and worked with.
The hormones themselves are generic and quite cheap;
It's the precise dosing and mixing that matters
and makes all the difference.
Hormone levels in your blood? Salivary levels
reflect your tissue needs much more accurately.
functional medicine for cancer:
. the Ketogenic Diet may slow down brain cancer;
and, the Alkaline diet can slow down many cancers .
conversely, fructose fuels a cancer .

probiotic treatments:
Many illnesses begin in the gut.
If you have heartburn or GERD, gas, irritable bowel
you may have dysbiosis,
or yeast overgrowth, or "leaky gut"
and traditional therapies may not work .
. the comprehensive Gut Health Program
will look at your GUT-IMMUNE-BRAIN triad .
insurance limitations:
. insurance companies currently pay for
disease management
and most do not cover anti-aging strategies.
(We think they have it backwards.)
Keeping you well means
our incentives are aligned with yours.
We will provide you with a bill
you may submit to your insurance carrier.
Many tests and Prescription medications
are often covered by your insurance provider.
Supplements, even if very helpful,
often are not.
. Our fees [in 2013] are $ 300 for the first hour
and $ 175 for subsequent half hour followup visits
Most folks are pretty well tuned up
after 2-3 visits. Including testing,
the majority of people will spend less
than they do now for treatment of disease,
and end up well.  After the first year,
most sickness visits are much reduced.
Getting started is the major expense.
his autobiography:
his wife is Rev Holly Whitcomb;
churching at Redeemer United .

. he has some hair loss (as does Dr.Mercola
who claimed it was from grains and sugar).
. Dr.Whitcomb has eaten wheat until recently
... other grains are also now avoided
(except red rice)
as grains have lectins that cause
leaky gut and insulin resistance
as well as dementia .
. the healthy Paleo diet excludes grains .
. back in 2006 he said this:
"And I’m avoiding refined grain foods:
whole grains are better.
And I struggle to lose weight."
-- no struggle on the Paleo diet!
(where whole grains are not considered better).

5.4: this is your brain on "modern" food:

. newsinnutrition.com recently erased a post 
"Foods That Harm Your Brain"
about mental health depending on diet;
I found a google`cache of it,
and it appears to be inspired from medscape's
"Foods That May Harm the Brain" 2014.1.30 .

it depended on these references:

#  PloS 2011 Diet Quality and Mental Health:
"importance of diet in adolescence
and its potential role in modifying
mental health over the life course".

Hordaland Health Study:
"The Association Between Habitual Diet Quality
and the Common Mental Disorders
in Community-Dwelling Adults";

Risk of Depression: The SUN Project
"A detrimental relationship was found between
TFA [trans fats (hydrogenated veg'oil)] intake
and depression risk,
whereas weak inverse associations were found
for MUFA [mono'oil (mac'nuts, avocado)],
olive oil [more mono'oil],
and PUFA[poly-oil (includes fish oil)]".

Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study,
[ relates to autism: ]
"they found a doubled risk for development of
autism and Asperger’s syndrome in the child
if the father was obese,
compared with a normal weight father" .
--. the erased post mentioned this finding:
"23,020 pregnant mothers from Norway
 eating lots of junk food during pregnancy
 and during the first 5 years of life
 predicted future aggression, hyperactivity,
 tantrums all independent of other confounding factors."
-- but I couldn't find a link to that study
(I think his only source was medscape.com).

. the erased post did have a bad reference;
but I think he should have kept this part:

"Food is our strongest medicine."
"what foods set off inflammation?
sugar, lack of omega three fats (fish oil)
and excess of omega six fats (vegetable oil),
trans fats ([hydrogenated veg'oil]),
excess saturated fat without omega fats"
--[ that is the type of fat found in grazing animals
when they are fed grains instead of grasses:
a lot of saturated fat lacking omega-3 oils .]
. "The most insidious effect of all may be from
... white flour and [a high] glycemic index."

. as an example of how to survive American food
he likes McDonald's grilled chicken sandwiches
but without eating the white-bread buns .
. along with warning us about sugar in drinks,
he might point out McDonald's salads .

5.4: conclusion:
. his site has already proven very helpful,
opening my eyes to an anti-inflammatory: POA
(PalmitOleic acid) Omega-7 monounsaturated oil .
. as a result of that find,
I have an interest in Provinol(refined POA),
as well as a renewed interest in macadamia nuts
as an alternative to olive oil .
. if you're in Wisconsin and over age 40,
be sure to check out BHRT .