Douglas Rushkoff #relocalization

5.2: news.pol/econ/Douglas Rushkoff`relocalization:
. is off-shoring a symptom or a cause of overpopulation?
Rushkoff interviewed by wsj.com:
. does a depressed world really need more jobs?
when it was pointed out that robotics was coming
wsj retorted curing cancer was just as likely;
but it has already happened:
quicker than robots could take over,
the globalists sent our jobs offshore .
. Rushkoff's main point is that the current laws
are discouraging local value creation:
[eg, medical licensing is locked up by unions;
neighborhood associations expect lawns not vegetables ].
. people need to stop being afraid of their neighbors
and do more investing in local businesses .
. his book, Life Inc, shows us where our system came from,
the centralized money and Chartered organizations;
how corporations are stunting innovation and commerce:
Centralized currency is just one kind of money
– one not intended to promote transactions
but to promote the accumulation of capital
notice that all boom times are followed by
expansion of the population;
and when the lean times come back,
the wealthy have only 2 choices:
starve the poor or control population;
and, you know,
it's a lot easier to guard your bread
than it is to steal their cake .]

program or be programmed:
. in this book, Rushkoff is helping us "recognize programming
 as the new literacy of the digital age
––and as a template through which to see
beyond social conventions and power structures
that have vexed us for centuries."