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laws against the paranormal:
. in case you were wondering why
remote viewing and ESP could be considered
pseudoscience despite overwhelming evidence;
historically science had been dominated by
Christians (following the god of Judaism,
who commanded that remote viewing and ESP
are secret arts punishable by death or stoning).

jw.org's Awake! 2017 #2 p3:
. at least 70% believe in some sort of paranormal;
Moses' god had laws against some paranormal activity:

Isaiah 8:19
And when they say to you,
Make request for us
to those who have control of spirits,
and to those [spiritists] wise in secret arts,
who make hollow bird-like sounds;
[who whisper, and mutter]
is it not right for a people to
make request to their gods,
to make request to the dead, for the living?

Deuteronomy 18: {New World Translation}
10 Let there not be seen among you
anyone using secret arts, {divination}[remote viewing]
[kosem kesamim (a diviner of divination)]
or a maker of strange sounds, {magic}
[Isaiah: wise in secret arts]
[m’onen (soothsayer, astrologer)]
or a reader of signs, {looking for omens}
[m’nachesh (one who interprets omens)]
or any wonder-worker, {sorcerer}
[mekhashshef (witch)].
11 Or anyone using secret force on people,
[casting spells(witchcraft)]
or putting questions to a spirit,
{consulting a spirit medium}
or having secret knowledge, {fortune teller}
or going to the dead for directions
[doresh el hamesim (necromancer)].

Leviticus 19:
26 you may not make use of strange arts,
or go in search of signs and wonders
[divination, or sorcery].
31 Do not go after those who
make use of spirits, or wonder-workers;
[Ovos (Mediums) and Yidonim (Spiritists)]
do not go in their ways or become unclean through them:
I am the Lord your God.

Leviticus 20:27: death to mediums:
27 Any man or woman who makes use of spirits,
or who is a wonder-worker,
[an Ov (Medium) or a Yidoni (Spiritist)]
is to be put to death:
they are to be stoned with stones:
their blood will be on them.

1 Samuel 28
6 And when Saul went for directions to the Lord,
the Lord gave him no answer,
by a dream or by the prophets, or by the
Urim[priestly device for obtaining oracles]
7 Then Saul said to his servants,
Get me a woman who has control of a spirit
so that I may go to her and get directions. ...
8 So Saul, ... said,
Now, with the help of the spirit which you have,
make the person whose name I will give you come up.
9 And the woman said to him,
But you have knowledge of what Saul has done,
how he has put away out of the land
those who have control of spirits
and the users of secret arts:
why would you, by a trick,
put me in danger of death?
10 And Saul made an oath to her
by the Lord, saying, By the living Lord,
no punishment will come to you for this.

1 Chronicles 10: death to use of medium:
13 So death came to Saul because
... he went for directions
to one who had an evil spirit,
14 And not to the Lord... .

2 Kings 17:
16 And turning their backs on all the orders
which the Lord had given them, ...
17 ... they made use of
secret arts and unnatural powers.
[practiced kesamim and witchcraft].
20 So the Lord ...sent trouble on them,
and gave them up into the hands of their attackers,
till he had sent them away from before his face.

Ezekiel 21: what the enemies do:
[yechezkel 21:212]
21 For the king of Babylon
[not knowing which way to go, chose]
to make use of secret arts [divination]:
shaking the arrows this way and that,
he put questions to the images of his gods,
[he consulted with teraphim]
he took note of the inner parts[liver] of dead beasts.
22 At his right hand was the fate of Jerusalem, ... .

Galatians 5:
19 Now the works of the flesh are clear,
which are these: ...
20 ... use of strange powers,
[kashefanut (sorcery, witchcraft)]
... .
false teachings,[kitot (sects)]

Acts 16:
16: a girl with a spirit
which gave knowledge of the future.
17 She came after Paul and us, crying out and saying,
These men are the servants of the Most High God,
who are giving you news of the way of salvation.
18 And this she did on a number of days.
But Paul was greatly troubled and, turning,
said to the spirit, I give you orders
in the name of Jesus Christ,
to come out of her.
And it came out that very hour.

Acts 19:
19 And a great number of those who
were experts in strange arts
[practiced kishshuf (magic, sorcery)]
took their books [occult sfarim]
and put them on the fire in front of everyone:
and when the books were valued
they came to fifty thousand bits of silver.
20 So the word of the Lord was increased
very greatly and was full of power.

beliefs by usa 2005:
41% (25% not sure) Extrasensory perception, or ESP
(includes more than telepathy and clairvoyance)
31% (27% not sure) Telepathy/communication between minds
26% (24% not sure) Clairvoyance/know the past and predict the future
42% (13% not sure) people can be possessed by the devil.
9% (20% not sure) channeling/people can be possessed by spirits.
55% (17% not sure) psychic or spiritual healing
21% (12% not sure) witches (includes psychic harming)
Christians are a little more likely to hold some paranormal beliefs
(75% vs. 66%, respectively).