#911truther Mark Passio`The Dark Side Of Tesla's Technology

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The Dark Side Of Tesla's Technology:
summary transcript of video with commentary:
. scalar waves flow at right angles to EM waves
considered to be finer than gamma rays;
they belong to the subtle gravitational field
aka gravitic waves or longitudinal waves;
many refer to them as Tesla waves.
. the Tesla Colorado Springs magnifying transmitter
transmitted scalar waves.
. as described by Thomas Bearden
interferometry that intersects 2 scalar waves
can cause earthquakes and dustifications.
. scalar interferometry was used on 9/11
to dustify the trade towers,
as seen in the evidence compiled by
Dr.Judy Wood [who mentions Hutchison].
. finally Mark Passio believes that
HAARP (high-altitude active auroral research proj)
involves scalar wave technology.
my comment:
Bearden seems to have some fancy ideas
that try to make sense of Relativity theory;
but, his important insight is this:
"a pure gravitational standing wave
is nothing in the world but
an ordinary EM wave plus its superposed
true phase conjugate replica wave
(its time-reversed wave twin)."
"So you see electromagnetics
turned into gravitation."
[that means if you can get 2 EM waves
to cancel each other;
the result is a longitudinal wave,
that is the key to both antigravity
and dustification.]
Bearden 1993:
"Whittaker mathematically decomposes
the scalar potential into a bidirectional
series of EM wave pairs in a harmonic sequence.
Each wave pair consists of the wave
and its phase conjugate.
(We have pointed out elsewhere that such a wave pair
is a standing electrogravitational wave
and a standing wave in the
curvature of local space-time).
[-- that is another word for gravity
that he borrows from Relativity theory]
To see that all classical EM can be replaced by
interference of two such scalar potentials
(i.e., by the interference of their hidden multi-wave sets),
see E. T. Whittaker, “On an Expression of
the Electromagnetic Field Due to Electrons
by Means of Two Scalar Potential Functions,”
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society,
Series 2, vol. 1, pp. 367-372 (1904)."
Bearden`key is radar jamming:
"the Germans had developed highly successful
radar absorbing materials,
and much of the theory to accompany them.
Such materials turn out to be the key to
how to build and develop a
radar phase conjugation mirror,
to produce a time-reversed radar wave."
Hutchison's experiments that involved
antigravity and destructive phenomena
that were seen on 9/11
had involved a radar jamming device:
"These are some basics of my laboratory.
I excluded RF generation and coupling and all the
radar-jamming devices I used later."
(he seems to claim he got destructive results
even without radar-jamming).
see Dr.Judy Wood`Where Did the Towers Go? 
Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11