problems with #bible as the primary authority

4.3: relig/jw.org/problems with bible as the primary authority:
. a problem with assuming bible is all god-inspired
and is a primary witness
is that although the god is known for
talking directly to humans
and thus could speak to all of us directly,
most of the bible authors are claiming that
the god talks to us through humans
who are known to be deluded by the demons,
or god talks to us through angels
who are known to be deceptive (demons).
. most of what the prophets tell us
is simply the humane golden rule,
claiming that is what the god wants;
but if you want to know what the god wants
just look at what exists:
so many animals designed to poison, crush,
and eat other animals.
. the jw.org's interpretation of bible messages
suggests that all of nature's brutality
is there only because
the first human disobeyed the god;
and that soon the god will destroy all the evil
in order to install the god's Kingdom
where all the survivors will obey the god
and we will be back to a nature that is not evil:
specifically, there will be no sickness or death;
but that ruling depends upon taking the bible as fact.
. even Jesus didn't have such high hopes for nature;
he suggested that the way we find eternal life
is by existing in a form like the angels [Matthew 22:30]
-- in the supernatural realm not the natural;
he also said his Kingdom was not of this world. [John 18:36]