Dr Rhonda Patrick` #leakygut may be a major cause of #heart disease

4.10: news.health/heart/diet/Dr Rhonda Patrick`
leaky gut may be a major cause of heart disease:
Dr.Patrick doesn't use the term "leaky gut"
perhaps because it is controversial;
but among those who do, they are talking about
the same thing Dr.Patrick says here:

. much of heart disease is caused by a bad diet
allowing gut bacteria to leak beyond the gut wall;
then the immune system attacks the gut bacteria;
this releases endotoxin that attaches to LDL cholesterol
to form something that the immune system attacks again:
they form clumps called foam cells that stick to arteries
and starts the plaque that can form clots.
. the gut leaking bacteria is caused by diet because,
colon cells get their energy from the short-chain fatty acids
produced by fiber-eating bacteria,
so, lack of fiber starves the colon cells
and then they stop producing the mucus
that keeps the gut bacteria separated from the immune system.
. also eating low-fiber carbs or sugars
promotes the growth of bad bacteria
that crowd out the good fiber-eating bacteria
that feed the colon with short-chain fats.