#Jesus all the good are gods

2016.12.10: 12.13: 2017.3.28:
relig/jc/all the good are gods:
Jesus said "you call me good ?
nobody is good but the god";
when I first heard that it seemed obvious
he was detecting sarcasm;
"you call me good as if that is in question.
ok, nobody is good but the god
and we both agree I'm not the god."
. but a radio preacher pointed out otherwise:
Jesus did indeed believe he was the god;
because he was faithful to the will of the god;
in fact, in defending this Jesus said:
do the scriptures not say
to those whom the word of the god came,
they are all gods?
. any faithful Judaist follows, and upholds,
the word or will of the god;
so they would be considered gods:
representations of the good god.
. so you could still say he detected sarcasm
but his response was this:
"you question I'm good but what is good?,
only the word of our god is good;
we agree on this."
. all good people are the good god:
emotions come from the gods;
and, when we have emotional reasons
for doing the will of the good god
we are driven by the good god:
we are the same as the good god,
because we are the hands of that god.

Mark 10:
17 And while Jesus was going out into the way,
a man came running to him,
and went down on his knees,
saying, Good Master [Rabbi haTov],
what have I to do so that I may have eternal life?
18 And Jesus said to him,
Why do you say I am good?
no one is good but one, and that is our god.
19 You have knowledge of what is said in the law,
Do not put any one to death,
Do not be untrue in married life,
Do not take what is not yours,
Do not give false witness,
Do not get money by deceit,
Give honor to your father and mother.

restated in Luke 18: 18-20.

John 10:
[Jesus said:]
27 My sheep give ear to my voice,
and I have knowledge of them, and they come after me:
28 And I give them eternal life;
they will never come to destruction,
and no one will ever take them out of my hand.
29 That which my Father has given to me
has more value than all;
and no one is able to take anything
out of the Father's hand.
30 I and my Father are one.
Then the Judeans took up stones again
to send at him.
32 Jesus said to them in answer,
I have let you see a number of good works
from the Father;
for which of those works are you stoning me?

33 This was their answer:
We are not stoning you for a good work
but for evil words; because being a man
you make yourself God.

34 In answer, Jesus said,
Is there not a saying in your Torah,
I said, "You are gods"?
[ see Psalm 82:6 (next)
see SHEMOT 7:1:
And the god said unto Moshe(Moses),
See, I have made thee as Elohim (the gods) to Pharaoh:
and Aharon thy brother shall be thy navi
(prophet: one who speaks for the gods).
see SHEMOT 22:27:
28(27) Thou shalt not revile Elohim,
nor curse the nasi of thy people.
28 You may not say evil of the judges,
or put a curse on the ruler of your people.
[TARGUM HASHIVIM translation is known as the Septuagint
or in Hebrew the Targum HaShivim, (Translation of the Seventy)]
Jesus continues:
35 If he said to whom the word of the god came:
they[our judges] were gods [The judges],
(and the Writings may not be broken),
36 Do you say "Your words are evil"
because I said, "I am the god's Son"
-- me, whom the Father made holy
and sent into the world?
37 If I am not doing the works of my Father,
do not have belief in me;
38 But if I am doing them,
then have belief in the works
even if you have no belief in me;
so that you may see clearly and be certain
that the Father is in me
and I am in the Father.

. the Torah says "you are gods"
but was Jesus referring to Psalm 82?
because that verse seems to be talking about
literal gods not people:

Psalm 82:
1 (A Psalm. Of Asaph.)
Elohim(gods) stand in the Adat(meeting-place)
of El(the god); he is judging among the elohim.
2 How long will you go on judging falsely,
having respect for the persons of evil-doers? (Selah.)
3 Give ear to the cause of the poor
and the children without fathers;
let those who are troubled and in need
have their rights.
4 Be the savior of the poor and those who have nothing:
take them out of the hand of the evil-doers.
5 They have no knowledge or sense;
they go about in the dark:
all the bases of the earth are moved.
6 I said, You are gods;
all of you are the sons of the Most High:
7 But you will come to death like men,
falling like one of the rulers of the earth.
8 Up! O God, come as judge of the earth;
for all the nations are your heritage.

. perhaps Jesus understood Psalm 82
to mean that there is an equivalence
between the gods guiding humans
and the humans who carry out the will of a god;
how else is it that a god can die?

literally nobody is good but our god?

Psalm 14:
1 (To the chief music-maker. Of David.)
The foolish man has said in his heart,
"the gods will not do anything",
or even "there are no gods"!
They are unclean, they have done evil works;
there is not one who does good.
2 The Lord was looking down from heaven
on the children of men,
to see if there were any
who had wisdom, searching after the god.
3 They have all gone out of the way together;
they are unclean, there is not one
who does good, no, not one.
4 Have all the workers of evil no knowledge?
they take my people for food
as they would take bread;
they make no prayer to the Lord.

. see how that word of David
makes a distinction between "children of men"
and his own people? (children of their god).
. when Jesus says none are good but the god,
if he was quoting this verse he was implying:
nobody is good but the children of the god.
Jesus may have been saying:
"you call me master of the good sarcastically
as if I teach something new and not of
the children of the god?
nobody is good but the children of the god.