Jonathan Cahn`Shemitah and Jubilee patterns #wwIII

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Jonathan Cahn`Shemitah and Jubilee patterns:
. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn uses a study of
the Shemitah and the Jubilee,
to pinpoint the climax of wwIII .
. here is an edited transcript of his
Prophecy in the News Jun 8, 2015:
. the Shemitah is a law of Judaism's god;
every 7 years is a time of forgiving of debts,
and letting the land rest .
. the Shemitah syncs with the rise and fall of nations
it gives the timing of global cataclysms
[ the Shemitah is also effecting Wallstreet crashes
on Jewish calendar date of elul 29 in a shemitah year;
in the Shemitah year of 2015, Elul 29 is Sept. 13 ]

. the Jubilee is another law of Judaism's god;
the year after a 7th Shemitah,
servants are released from bondage,
and ownership of land is restored:
people are allowed to go home to their father's land .
. we lost track of which is the 7th Shemitah,
but the times of the restoration of Israel
gives us a clue;
because both the restoration of Israel,
and then the restoration Jerusalem
[the mount housing the god of Judaism]
happened 7 Shemitah's apart, the year after a Shemitah .

. the god of Judaism can't come again
[bringing global peace via a global gov]
until Israel is restored;
[ conversely, the fact that Israel has been restored
means the next Jubilee is the 2nd coming,
when wwIII decides the leader of global peace
and the Temple can be restored .]

. the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC
came during a Shemitah year;
the land rested 70 years for exactly 10 Shemetahs;
and so the timing of the Shemitah was involved in
the fall of Babylon who held Israel captive,
and the rise of Persians
who returned Judaists to their land .

. in wwI the Shemitah marks the
collapse of the Russian empire
and leads into the collapse of the
Ottoman Turkish empire [muslims owning Israel].
. wwII begins in the year of a Shemitah 1938
when Hitler seizes Austria and Czechoslovakia;
7 years later for the next Shemitah year
[sept?] 1944 - sept 1945
the atomic bomb is dropped on humans
and wwII ends on the Shemitah's climactic day,
the Jewish calendar date of Elul 29 .

the mystery of the towers:
. in the year 1870,
usa builds the highest tower on earth
and the next year replaces the British empire
as the strongest economic power on earth .
. the 9/11 towers are conceived in
the year of the Shemitah 1945
begun in the year of the Shemitah 1966
completed in the year of the Shemitah 1973
and then dustified [by the 911neocons]
in the year of the shemitah 2001 .
[ see Dr. Judy Wood, about dustification by beam weapons ]
. this could be an omen that
usa's days of glory are coming to an end
[ usa will be hit hard by Fall 2016
during wwIII's climax with Russia and friends;
both sides have secret beam weapons .]
the Shemitah is key to end-time prophesy:
. the Shemitah of 1917 sees the collapse of
the Ottoman Turkish empire
and with it the land of Israel fell into the hands of Britain
who gave the land to the Jewish people nov 1917;
sept 1917 to sept 1918 may have been a Jubilee year
because Israel was restored to its original owners .
. during the sept 1917- sept 1918 Hebrew year
the Balfour declaration takes place in nov 1917
the land is restored in the year following the Shemitah
corresponding to the jubilee .
. then 7 Shemitahs into the future is
sept 1965 - sept 1966,
so the next jubilee year is sept 1966 - sept 1967 .
. june 7th 1967 Israel's Jerusalem is restored .
. the next 7th shemitah is 2015,
the next Jubilee is
sept 2015 - sept 2016,
which means there will be
war in the middle east and Israel
and a prophetic restoration .
[ wwIII and restoration of the Temple! ]

. another interesting coincidence is
Newton's riddle, Daniels 70 7's; apply it to
june 7th 1967, the time Israel gets Jerusalem
and after 7 x 7's (49years of 360 days each)
it takes you to sept 23, 2015 Yom Kippur,
[the Day of Atonement]
which is when the Jubilee begins .
Newton's riddle is about Daniel 9:25:
Newton says the two numbers separately speak of
both the First and Second Coming,
Newton says the "62 weeks," or 434-year part
was fulfilled at the First Coming,
[when Israel wins back Jerusalem]
and the "seven weeks," or 49-year part
will apply to the Second Coming.
[ when there will be wwIII deciding a global leader
who will implement world-wide peace ]