false teachers vs the gospel

6.18: news.relig/christian/false teachers vs the gospel:
. a study of the gospel
finds some problems with Paul's theology .
Dr. Matthew S. Harmon:
"All one has to do is walk into most Christian bookstores
or tune into so-called Christian radio/TV
to realize that false teaching is alive and well."
"Regardless of whether you are an elder or not,
every believer is responsible for being
so familiar with the true gospel
that false teaching is immediately obvious.
The gospel is the only way that we can be made pure,
because it points us to
the only one who is truly pure -Jesus Christ."
. as an example of dealing with false teachers
Dr. Harmon quotes Paul in Titus 1:
7 For it is necessary for a Bishop
to be a man of virtue, as God's servant;
not pushing himself forward,
not quickly moved to wrath or blows,
not desiring profit for himself;
8 But opening his house freely to guests;
a lover of what is good,
serious-minded, upright, holy, self-controlled;
9 Keeping to the true word of the teaching,
so that he may be able to
give comfort by right teaching
and overcome the arguments of the doubters.
10 For there are men who are not ruled by law;
foolish talkers, false teachers,
specially those of the circumcision,
11 By whom some families have been completely overturned;
who take money for
teaching things which are not right;
these will have to be stopped.
. so here is Paul arguing against the Judaists
who insist that Jesus' teaching
included circumcision,
when, in fact, Jesus is quoted as saying
he didn't come to change the law
(which included circumcision)
but to fulfill the law [Matthew 5:7].
. Jesus' original intention was to save only Judaists;
however just before leaving into the clouds
Jesus finally said to his disciples
that they should spread his message
to all nations (including gentiles)
[Matthew 28:18-20];
so do you think he changed the law?
no, it was his disciples who decided
that they could never teach the gentiles
if it required enforcement of circumcision
[Acts 15:1-10].
. Paul is trying to tell us that
one of the consequences of false teachers
is "families have been completely overturned"
but Jesus own teachings should result in that:
Jesus (Matthew 10):
34 Do not have the thought that I have come to
send peace on the earth;
I came to send not peace but a sword.
35 For I have come to put a man against his father,
and the daughter against her mother,
and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law:
36 And a man will be hated by those of his own house.