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10.4: web.cook/mustard/dealing with tannins:
. I made a mustard by pureeing mustard in mct oil,
(the vitamixer got the puree very hot)
and the result was upsetting to my stomach?
the reason may have been tannins;
so, maybe mustard should be cured like olives?
. chefsteps.com says the tannins can be removed
by boiling and straining the seeds 8 times .
. other recipes leave the tannins in,
but make them less available by never heating the seeds,
soaking them in cold water overnight
and then pureeing drained seeds in vinegar .
. some cold-soak recipes soak in vinegar,
and then don't toss that soak,
instead pureeing it with the seeds .
. heating mustard seeds releases tannins
and adversely affects the taste of mustard
so it would be a mistake to use heat
in order to hurry up the soak time .
. Soak mustard seeds in cold water for 24 hours.
Drain seeds and add to a blender.
puree with apple cider vinegar and white wine;
Let sit overnight in the refrigerator before using.
here's other recipes that call for cold soaking:
overnight; or 2-3 days with
1/3 cup mustard seeds
1/3 cup white wine vinegar
1/3 cup dry white wine .

. milk binds tea tannins? no:
. adding milk to coffee or tea has very little to no influence
on the inhibitory effect of tannins according to the study
“Inhibition of non-heme iron absorption in man
by polyphenolic-containing beverages” published in the
British Journal of Nutrition in 1999.
overview of olive curing:
details of safe pickling @ ucdavis.edu .
wikihow.com`olive curing:
soak in brine (cup/4 pickling salt + quart water);
shake the pan daily; change brine weekly ...
ready in six weeks .
also see quick lye curing:
liquid lye @ amazon.com;
dry @ bulkapothecary.com .

lib.cook/all about tannins .