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ketogenic diet works when DASH diet doesn't:
Dr. Steve Phinney`beyond DASH diet:
. a ketogenic low-carb diet cured his hypertension
that was not responding to a DASH diet*
-- he was overweight too (indicating he was
too carb'intolerant for a DASH diet).
*  DASH diet: too high in popular pitfalls:
. the DASH diet suggests 6 slices of bread everyday,
which is ridiculous, even if assuming
that bread will be made with whole grains;
you should replace their entire grains menu
with other major sources of energy
[ such as peas, red onions, and greens ].

Dr. Steve Phinney`how ketogenics lowers pressure:
(meandmydiabetes 2011, youtube)
. ketogenics is the ability to make ketones;
the point of a low-carb high-fat diet
is to get your liver to stop producing glucose
and start turning fat into ketones for use as body fuel .
. after becoming keto-adapted or ketogenic
(maintaining  low-carb for 2-6 weeks consistently)
your body is better at burning saturated fats,
and [possibly because sat'fats are out of the way]
you are getting better vascular tone
[because of better insulin sensitivity,
and thus better magnesium sensitivity
which relaxes arteries and lowers blood pressure .]
. on a carby diet (with a normal glycemic load),
a high fat meal will reduce vascular function
but after being keto-adapted (2-6 weeks of low carb),
a high fat diet improves vascular function .
. when you get ketogenic your kidneys dump salt,
and, dumping salt also dumps water
that, in turn, may lower blood pressure;
so, to avoid feeling lightheaded on a ketogenic diet,
you may need to add salt to your cooking;
whereas on a carby DASH diet, you would have to limit salt .

Dr.Phinney 2012:
. a well-formulated low carb diet
reduces serum levels of saturated fats
despite copious saturated fats in the diet .
. a low carb diet markedly reduces levels of
small, dense LDL (the most atherogenic version of
bad cholesterol) while raising HDL cholesterol .
. also, biomarkers of inflammation are reduced
[ compared to those who are carbohydrate intolerant
and were trying to cope with a normal, carby diet ].