50g alcohol limit saves only liver

10.18: web.health/50g alcohol limit saves only liver:
One unit of alcohol is 8g (or 10ml) of pure alcohol
( 87.5ml glass of 12% wine [0.37cup]
, 25ml measure of 80 proof liquor
, A half pint of normal strength (4%) beer
). concerning damage to the liver,
the risk begins when regular weekly consumption
exceeds about 30 units per week;
[ 6units *5days per week? ]
-- Royal Colleges recommend two days of abstinence a week .
But for other conditions, like cancer,
the risk starts at once .
. one who drinks 50g (6units) of alcohol per day
[ 2.22 cup 12% wine ]
- has nearly double the risk of stroke,
high blood pressure and pancreatitis
as someone who abstains.