why is #GAPS #diet only #bean the white navy?

9.16: web.med/GAPS.diet/why is GAPS.diet only bean the white navy?:
. the GAPS diet (for Gut and Psych Syndrome)
lowers most types fiber and pours on the fats
in order to flush out the bad germs;
but, it allows the following legumes:
"Lima beans, Lentils, Peas;
White navy beans, properly prepared" .
. navy beans have a high saponin content;
Saponins exhibit antibacterial and anti-fungal activity,
and have been found to inhibit cancer cell growth.
. navy bean is the richest source of
ferulic acid [antibacterial] and p-coumaric acid
among the common bean varieties.
White beans are the most abundant plant-based source of
phosphatidylserine (PS) yet known .
. carb profile of white beans .

how to gaps-diet-prepare your beans:
. soak for 24 hours;
pour off the water, and rinse the beans.
simmer them in water or stock.
White foam will form on top again, just skim it off.
Different kinds of beans require different cook times.
Do not boil or add salty or acidic seasonings
until the beans are cooked (such as tomatoes in chili),
since that will make the beans tough.
. more gaps-diet recipes .

or sprout instead:
(involves about 12rinses over 3days)
. sprouting enhances the nutrition profile .