#USAFREEDOMAct reauthorizes #PATRIOTAct until after #wwIII is over

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/#USAFREEDOMAct reauthorizes #PATRIOTAct until after #wwIII is over:
. it's ok to lose privacy; we're in a war until 2017;
and after that we're in a global union;
how can you keep global peace
without keeping an eye on every guy
since you can't know who's evil until you look .
sign the petition:
The Senate is about to reauthorize the PATRIOT Act?
The petition to the Senate reads:
"The current Senate version of the USA FREEDOM Act
effectively reauthorizes the PATRIOT Act
for an additional 2.5 years,
legalizes currently illegal surveillance activities,
and grants immunity to corporations
that collaborate to violate privacy rights.
Oppose the USA FREEDOM Act in its current form. "
"Understanding the New USA FREEDOM Act:
Questions, Concerns, and EFF’s Decision to Support the Bill,"
"Might Get Fooled Again?
— The Senate and Surveillance,"
"Meet Executive Order 12333:
The Reagan rule that lets the NSA spy on American."