reinterpreting "Lord you gave your life so I could be free" #liberal vs #christian

9.9: relig/christian/"Lord you gave your life so I could be free":
. I heard this line on a christian music station:
"Lord you gave your life so I could be free".
. "Lord's life" means Jesus;
but that line also makes sense within my religion theory,
which does not equate Jesus with the god
(I assume, without being a Muslim,
that Jesus was one of many sincere and wise prophets;
ie, people who are correcting their culture).

. our life here in the present is the god's life;
ie, the god is living through all of us;
and you might think the god's goal is simply
wanting the best for its own current life,
but instead, the god is willing to
sacrifice its current life
in order to ensure the best for its eventual life,
ie, the lives it will possess in the perfect future,
a future made perfect by harshly testing us now
to have us develop the technology
that is supporting such perfection .
. so the god is testing our program:
what if the people desire crime and self-destruction?
the god puts that sin in our hearts to
test how we can react to such herd threats .
. the god will keep testing (and sacrificing its life)
until the life's systems are so evolved
that sin in the heart is completely neutralized
by the policing of the system .
. the god sacrificed its lives
until the future life could be free [from sin
(ugly compromises such as a defense of privacy rights
that are also hiding spouse and child abusers)].